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Miles Perret Cancer Services - Helping Families Fight, Survive & Live With Cancer

Oct 10, 2016 11:46AM ● By Nicole LaCour

Someone says the word, “cancer,” and you don’t hear much after that word. You’re part of a club no one wants to join. There is fear, uncertainty and complicated plans. But there is also hope, strength and determination. Miles Perret Cancer Services (MPCS) can help.

It starts with information. With no appointment necessary and always at no charge, you walk into MPCS to find a library of information in our lobby. Welcoming faces guide you through the services we can provide and you leave with “the little white bag,” our Treatment Care Kit; a collection of items that will provide convenience and comfort as you go through treatment.

You receive a Personal Navigation Notebook (PNN), a binder with special sections to hold all your important medical and personal information. The PNN is especially useful for the friends and family who give you support. Everything’s in one place.

For breast cancer clients, we have specialized services, including the Simply You Box, a treasure trove of comfort, designed by former clients. We also have the SOFTEE®, a camisole designed specifically for breast cancer fighters. As soft as a cloud with special pockets strategically placed for reasons you’re not even aware of yet, but will be grateful for. The SOFTEE® becomes one of your prized possessions. Our little boutiques, one for bras and prostheses and the other for wigs, hats and scarves are warm and inviting. We give you personalized fitting services, easing your transition.

You can join others who know what you are going through in our monthly support group sessions. And your family is also supported with monthly outings and special activities.

 Our Wellness Center is your personal gym. With equipment you can use at your leisure, surrounded by people who understand what this time in your life is really like. Exercise, yoga and meditation classes are designed specifically for you and help you build strength—physically and emotionally. Nutrition classes give you vital information about cooking and shopping and how to make healthy choices to improve your life.

Some people say it takes courage to come to MPCS the first time. But when you do, you will find a partner in your fight. At MPCS, you find a haven of support, guidance, courage and hope. You find people with a mission: to help you fight, survive and live with cancer.

For more information about Miles Perret Cancer Services, call 337-984-1920 or visit  Lafayette, LA