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The Power of Red - Lipstick

Nov 08, 2016 02:44PM ● By News Desk

Whether you wish to strike a mood that is strong and fierce or classically feminine, red is the color of power. A crimson pout sends a statement of confidence, yet many women unfairly deny themselves the power of red lipstick, because they either don’t know how to wear it, or think the color doesn’t suit them. They’re wrong.

The secret to pulling off the look of red lipstick is simpler and easier than you think. The key lies in finding the shade that complements your skin tone, and to go neutral in your make up and wardrobe choices. To achieve a sophisticated effect, follow these useful pointers:

Determine Which Shade is Right for You
Red lipstick comes in a variety of shades. Choose the one that complements your skin tone. When choosing your shade, be sure to step outside in the daylight and ask the opinion of someone you trust, like a friend or a salesperson.

Fair skin: You need a "true red." Avoid orange tones.
Medium skin: Look for those orangey reds. You can even wear reds with pink tones.
Dark skin: Look for the darker shades. Wine reds, even reds with purple hues.

Wear Lip Liner
Lip liner is a must with red lipstick. Fill in your lips with liner first to lock in the bold color so that it will not "bleed" out. Make sure to match the liner to the shade of your lipstick.

If Older, Choose Lighter Shades
Our lips thin as we age and a dark red accentuates them. To avoid a harsh look, select a rosy red, or avoid red altogether and opt for a neutral shade.

Makeup Choice
The shade and undertone of your makeup also affect your choice of red lipstick. Keep your lips center stage. If you wear eye shadow, keep the palette light and neutral. Don't pack on the blush either. You don't want bright red lips and bright pink cheeks.

Don’t make the mistake of pairing red nails with red lips. Again, neutrals are the way to go. A clear polish or light nail color will ensure that your lips remain the focal point.

Outfit Choice
Because red is a bold color, you need to base your choice of outfit to complement your lipstick. It's easy to ruin the effect of a red lipstick with the wrong colored clothing. Avoid patterns and choose neutrals. Black and browns are best. A solid black dress pairs beautifully. Even jeans with ballet flats and a leather jacket. Never wear red lipstick with a multi-colored outfit. It will clash. And never wear pink with a red lipstick!

Brighten Your Smile
Red lipstick accentuates teeth color, making white teeth appear brighter and yellow teeth dingier. Whitening your teeth regularly enhances your smile, making beautiful red lips look even more stunning.

Rocking red lipstick with confidence is the best look by far. Regardless of season or occasion, red is always in vogue.

Madelyn "Maddi" Meaux lives in Lafayette and has a passion for makeup. More of Maddi's beauty tips can be found on her blog at