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Shop Local This Holiday Season

Nov 09, 2016 08:01AM ● By News Desk

Holiday season is here, and that means one thing — shopping! Whether you have a huge family to buy for, or plan to purchase presents for just a few friends, the money you spend makes a real difference, and where you spend your money could make a profound change for the better in Acadiana.

While shopping at the mall or a big-box store may seem convenient, there are compelling reasons to shop locally owned businesses, boutiques, and service companies: Your dollar stays in Acadiana instead of profiting out-of-state corporations. That dollar you invest in local stores and restaurants is more meaningful, and has a greater ripple effect, than that same dollar spent at the big-box store.

When you patronize a local company, you invest in the greater economy: a local business owner uses the money to pay employees, buy more inventory, and purchase goods and services from other local businesses, creating a virtuous cycle that strengthens the community and enhances the value of local shopping choices. Your purchase power not only creates job security, but encourages that employer to seek new hires and generates new business. This momentum drives the creation of more shops, boutiques, restaurants and other businesses.

Our community suffered greatly in 2016: a historic flood that devastated neighborhoods and businesses throughout the region; plummeting oil and gas prices. Most of us were impacted personally by the natural catastrophes and market forces beyond our control. Helping to stabilize and reinvigorate our weakened economy through purchase power gives each of us an opportunity to take back control. By patronizing Acadiana business, we help rebuild our community, repair the economy, and have fun doing it. 

Cajuns have a special gift for transforming losses into gains, and tragedy into celebration.That dollar in your pocket has greater power than you may realize. Chances are that either you or someone you know is employed at a locally owned business. Your hair stylist. The store clerk who helps you pick just the right gift for that special someone. 

To ensure you get the local services and products you need from these familiar faces, it’s not only in the greater community’s interest, but your own, to back Acadiana business. You reap definite rewards, not the least of which is the chance to buy unique items you simply can’t get anywhere else. 

So this year, when you feel the need to shop, drive to a locally-owned merchant first. You’ll be supporting our local economy, creating jobs, and improving our community for years to come. 

Top Reasons to Shop Locally Owned Businesses
   - The money you spend stays in the community
   - Local business owners support and give back to the community
   - Local businesses provide quality jobs
   - You’re more likely to find unique gift items