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Julian Primeaux: Native Son Returns from European Tour

Jan 18, 2017 06:00PM ● By Press Release
Local rocker Julian Primeaux & His Royal Rowdy Company are fresh off of their sixth European tour. Primeaux, lead singer and songwriter for the band, describes his sound as a bluesy mix of southern gospel and rock ‘n’ roll. Band members also include bassist Flint Zerangue, Jr. and drummer Blake Ortego. The rock trio, now a familiar name on the European circuit, spent a month electrifying audiences in some of that continent’s most exciting cities, including Amsterdam, Hamburg and Prague. Fans clamored for copies of Primeaux’s latest release, This Guilded, Swaying Heart, which features the top single hit, To Move In The Night. FACE Magazine interviewed Primeaux about the band’s latest tour.

                 Bassist: Flint Zerangue Jr

F: What were some of your most memorable moments from the tour?

JP: Our first show was in Amsterdam. It was a Friday night in one of the world's most popular party cities. We were greeted by a very enthusiastic crowd that danced and swayed to our southern rhythms. There was a Syrian man who enjoyed it in particular, because it was the first time in his life he ever experienced live music. After that night, we went on to play venues in Germany, the Czech Republic, Switzerland and France.  

               Drummer: Blake Ortego

F: How do European fans and audiences differ from Americans? 

JP: After our sixth international tour, our fans look forward to our return and bring their friends to our shows. That's why we go—the Europeans love live music. After a show, they usually thank us personally and say, "Thank you for the music!" 

F: What was your most exciting concert this tour?

JP: Every show is a different experience, so it’s hard to compare, but perhaps the most exciting venue was the Hard Rock Cafe in Prague. At three stories, the club is huge, the largest Hard Rock in Europe, with interior balconies overlooking the stage. We performed underneath a gigantic [guitar-shaped] chandelier. The club also has an 800-year-old, medieval cellar, “The Underground,” that has a dungeon-like atmosphere.

F: What was your favorite concert on the tour?  

Singer, Song Writer & Guitarist: Julian Primeaux

JP: Playing at the Lehmitz Reeperbahn in Hamburg, Germany, where the Beatles got their start. That scene is one big, wild, crazy party. When we arrived, we found out we had to perform the entire show STANDING on a huge, wrap-around bar while the audience looked up at us. Blake, our drummer, was the only one allowed to perform on the stage, which was tucked in the corner of the venue. It was a bizarre but awesome experience!

F: How did you find life on the road?

JP: Touring is a rollercoaster of experiences: beautiful scenery, exotic food, sleepless nights, long drives, laughter, stress, work, play. One night we might sleep on mattresses on the stage we've played at, and the next night sleep in a fancy hotel room that’s been arranged for us. The one consistency is that we always meet great people. We can't wait to see what adventures are coming down the path!

Julian Primeaux & His Royal Rowdy Company will take center stage at Bisbano's in Lafayette on Friday, February, 24, 2017, on Mardi Gras weekend after the parade.


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Photos courtesy of: Maaike Erents

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