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Longing For Luscious Lady Lashes

Feb 14, 2017 02:18PM ● By Brittney Courts

Ladies, ever get tired of putting on coats and coats of mascara? Do you long for longer and fuller lashes?  Well luckily, there are now many ways to achieve your desired look and they come in a wide range of prices and convenience.

So, let’s take a look at some of the more popular options along with their pros and cons.

Strip Lash

Strip lash is the most cost efficient form of extending your lashes. It is also the easiest form to apply yourself. It does, however, have a bit of a learning curve and takes some getting used to. The con to this application is it is a one time application. It only lasts for the night or day and you must take it off and remove your makeup. So as far as ease goes, it is something that you must do every day and you need to do it yourself.


Clusters are the same concept as strip lashes with the exception of it being in little pieces. The application of the clusters is a bit harder to do on yourself. Usually only seasoned lash pros can apply them correctly without them looking dysfunctional. These also must be removed daily so you can remove your eye makeup. Price wise, it is usually slightly more to get them applied by a professional than a strip lash would be.


Extensions are the most convenient form of lashes, as you do not apply them yourself and they are permanent. Extensions are applied by a licensed and certified lash technician every 2-3 weeks. Your technician will take one individual false lash and apply it to one individual natural lash with surgical grade glue. The lash stays adhered to your natural lash until it sheds in its natural shed cycle. You have to go back every 2-3 weeks to get a “refill”. The refill’s purpose is to fill in the gaps of the old lashes that have fallen with new false lashes on the fresh natural lash growing in. Prices can range from $120-$200 for a full set and $50-$80 for a refill in this area.

Volume Extensions    

Volume extensions are just like individual lash extensions in the sense they are glued to your natural lash and shed with your natural shed cycle. The difference is instead of one individual lash, it is usually a cluster of two very thin lashes glued to one of your own. This creates volume by adding more lashes to a smaller area. Prices are similar to that of individual lash extensions and refills would be the same time frame.

Lash Lift

A lash lift is a cute name we give to a lash perm and tinting combo. This would be your own lashes with no added false lashes. Your licensed technician will tint your lashes darker to make them appear thicker and longer. They will also perm them to create a curl so your lashes are more visible to other people. This process also needs to be done every 3 or so weeks as your lashes are on a constant shed and regrowth cycle. Prices can vary from $60-$80.

Lash Growth Serums

Serums are a cosmetic you apply daily to your upper lid like you would liner, and they make your lashes grow stronger, thicker, and longer. These serums work by stimulating hair growth with certain peptides. Please be sure to do your homework on the different brands and their ingredients and strengths. Prices vary from $30-$200 depending on the time frame the serum lasts and its strength.

Brittney Courts is the manager at Revolution Hair Salon in Lafayette. A graduate of Aveda Institute in Lafayette, Brittney has been a Cosmetologist for five years. She’s a wife and mother of one daughter. 

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