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Ever been ghosted? Or worse, ever ghost someone?

Oct 16, 2017 09:19AM ● By News Desk

Ever been ghosted?  Or worse, ever ghost someone?

It may be Halloween, but the type of ghosting I’m talking about has nothing to do with spooks or goblins. If you’re over 40, you may not be familiar with the term, but ghosting has been around for years. In its simplest form, the term means to break off communications with someone — for no apparent reason. One day you’re talking, texting or emailing someone and poof…you don’t hear from them again…no response, goodbye, nothing. Sound familiar? Well, unless your friend just died and no one told you, you’ve been ghosted. 

In today’s society, ghosting is more common with singletons that use dating apps. It’s a brutal way to say (actually not say) goodbye, see ya, arrivederci and—you mean so little to me I’m not going to even waste my time responding to you. Brutal indeed!

There are mixed opinions on the etiquette surrounding ghosting — but even a sarcastic person such as I find the practice a bit nauseating.

Who’s more likely to ghost someone? Well, if you’re into astrology, it looks like Geminis and Libras tend to specialize in the practice, but that’s just my research. Better check your synastry before starting that next relationship!