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House Therapy: Celebrating The Season Around The House

Nov 16, 2017 03:49PM ● By Ren Campbell
Have you explored the world of your home this year? Maybe you‘ve just begun to look at it a little differently, with fresh eyes and a little more imagination or maybe your creative urges have really taken off and you have recreated yourself and where you live. Whatever state your home may be in, now the holiday season is upon us and that means celebration, whether large or 
 small, public or intimate, traditional or entirely of your own devising. You now have the opportunity to delve into the wonder and magic of creating something special for a limited amount of time. And isn’t it interesting to find ourselves, once again, at the end of the calendar year?  

You may recreate the holidays the same way every year in honor of traditions: your mother’s recipes and the holiday china, the annual events for friends and family. For you, it is about passing along memories to future generations. It is a sentimental view of a special time, possibly the only time you see some of these folk who are dear to you.

 You may create something new every year: reinterpreting special objects or activities, alternating between full-blown and minimal decoration, going to Aruba rather than staying home! Whatever you do it will be new, memorable and unconventional.

There are always ways to do both and doing neither is a choice as well! So here are a few tips, a few ideas, which may spark something creative in you for this holiday season. Have fun, be well and enjoy life! Remember: You create it.

Online, start looking at Pinterest and Etsy for holiday home decorating; you can find fun ideas at Southern Living, Real Simple and House Beautiful or whatever décor magazines you admire. Let the search engines take you on an adventure and once you’re inspired, create your own special holiday home.

STARTING WITH YOUR OWN DÉCOR, riff off what you have but with an added flair. Avoid spending too much money or being overzealous; choose the focal points you want to create and begin there. Once you have the major elements in you can look for some small places to create a little auxiliary display with wrapped gifts or color statements. Your holiday decorations will complement your home instead of competing with it.

SCENT is an important part of holiday décor. Use natural beeswax candles and enjoy their light honeyed scent. One of my favorite suggestions is to fill the house with blooming potted paperwhites and white amaryllis complemented by white tulips with votive candles scattered across table surfaces.

PAPER, RIBBON, LEFTOVER FABRIC pieces and bits of nature can go a long way to embellishing the holiday home at little to no cost. 

FOR SMALL HOMES or those who don’t want to spend a huge amount of time on the entire house, take a re-look at what you can remove then create a still life on a shelf or table and let that be where all the magic happens. Then let it spread to the floor as the season progresses.

GOT A CHANDELIER? What about hanging glistening iridescent and colored glass baubles on ribbons from it and let the magic happen overhead?

YOU KNOW I’M BIG ON THE SPARKLE! Especially for the holidays; wide gold or silver mesh ribbon can go a long way to creating something glamorous — candle ’scapes create a world of their own.

The most important guidelines I can share with you are to start with a clear intention to celebrate this holiday season with gratitude for everything and love in your heart for all. Sharing of oneself with others is the greatest gift we can give ourselves.

Ren Campbell has practiced the discipline of architectural interior design for over 30 years. He’s been a University studio instructor and currently consults with individuals on their issues concerning their homes and how they live in them. Contact Ren with your House Therapy HOUSE THERAPY questions at [email protected] 

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