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Cosmetic Procedures and Body Enhancements

Feb 19, 2018 10:15AM ● By News Desk

 Looking to enhance your outer self? You’re not alone: a study conducted by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery found that 70 percent of people surveyed in 2017 are considering cosmetic procedures. Whether you want to feel more confident, appear more attractive or look as young as you feel, there is a procedure for you. According to the ASDS, the interest in cosmetics enhancements has doubled since 2013 - making procedures from skin tightening to laser hair removal anything but a fad. And with half of the respondents turning to dermatologists to influence their decisions paired with medical breakthroughs over the years, the practice has become all the safer.

The Road to Self Improvement

Although the route to self-improvement is different for everyone, many people are influenced by similar annoyances: the majority of people surveyed expressed disdain for excess fat on any part of the body or undesirable lines or wrinkles. The principle translates into practice: body sculpting is listed as the most popular procedure, tailed closely by skin-tightening treatments using methods such as ultrasound, light, radiofrequency or laser.

Enhancements - now safer than ever due to scientific advancements - intervene where diet and exercise cannot eradicate fat and skin. Body sculpting encompasses lifting procedures - firming up areas such as the arms, torso or buttocks - and implants, or enhancing or creating appealing shapes.

The desire to nix and touch up skin issues such as acne scars, discoloration and tattoo removals, is among the trends of bettering your body. Chemical peels, which entail cleansing skin and applying chemicals to the face before removing, range from minimizing wrinkles and freckles to treating sun-damaged and acne-prone skin. Peels vary widely in depth and recovery time, offering an array of options for the man or woman on-the-go. Some treatments barely go skin deep and tackle aberrant veins, which is also a common treatment.

When considering practitioners, 49 percent of seekers listed price as the main influencer, followed by specialty, referral from a physician and the practitioner’s level of licensure. Dr. Ava Shamban, a board-certified dermatologist based in California, estimated treatment costs to range from a few hundred to several thousand, but prices vary from procedure to procedure and are influenced by region.

What’s Trending?

The desire to improve outer beauty is as old as time itself - however, how to go about making these improvements is constantly changing as trends come and go. For example: despite years of bigger breasts being the trend and hot topic, surgeons have seen a spike in breast reductions, according to multiple industry sources. In fact, the “Laser Bra Lift,” which is a laser-assisted breast reduction and is scalpel-free, is currently all the rage.

The procedure tightens the skin around the breasts via lasers, lifting them in a way that seems more natural than undergoing surgery to receive the same visual effect. Essentially, the Laser Bra Lift is an internal bra with no foreign material. This procedure is one of multiple hop-topic treatments offered, and one of several trending treatments in 2018.

A hot, or should we say “cool,” trending procedure at the forefront of treatments, is CoolSculpting®, a body contouring medical procedure that freezes away unwanted fat once and for all. The process is FDA-cleared and according to Dr. Chris Hubbell with ajeuné Aesthetic Skin Experts, CoolSculpting® treatment cycles are “quicker, more comfortable and more effective, requiring no surgery or downtime.”

Another trend is to ditch the face contouring palette in favor for fillers, or inserting liquid tissue to restore volume around the eyes and face that may suffer as the body ages. Drastically different from removing fatty tissues around the eyes to reduce any appearance of bagginess, fillers used around the eyes have become more common and less invasive.

Not looking to try emerging treatments? Never fear - rudimentary restoration rituals continue to become safer and fit people’s satisfaction. In fact, more than 90 percent of respondents reported being satisfied with their skin-tightening treatments, vein treatments and chemical peels.

The time is now

The time is ripe for cosmetic enhancements as temperatures loom below short sleeve weather and Mother Nature mandates bundling up. Some physicians advise patients to undergo procedures during the winter and early spring, as the cloudy Louisiana weather creates all the more incentive to retreat indoors - especially for facial procedures. The climate also allows patients who undergo long-term procedures such as tummy tucks, breast augmentations or liposuctions easier compression time. Bundling up in your favorite puffer jacket is perfect post-op when you’re ready to go out in public.

Your body is your temple, as well as the only one you have, so make sure any planned renovations are well thought-out. Go into the process with clear intentions from the moment you search for physicians to the time of treatment. Research your options and know what to ask your doctor. Be mindful of your prescribed recovery time and make sure to follow up frequently with your physician.