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Healing House: Through the Eyes of an Artist

“Giving back? It’s probably the most rewarding thing a person can do,” says Leslie Tammariello. “I’ve told my girls, ‘Don’t be afraid to get involved, and to say ’yes’.’ It pays off, it really does. I just want to show my own kids how great it is to help others, and being an example is the best way.”

One of the ways this talented Lafayette resident has chosen for 2018 is by working her magic as the designer of the latest glass for Healing House’s annual Martinis event.  “When I found out it was a martini glass I thought, ‘well, that’s an odd canvas to paint on’,” she laughs. But, odd canvas or not, Tammariello was not the least bit dissuaded from accepting the challenge; in fact, it was because of personal relationships that she was even more fired up.  

“I said, ‘I’d love to do it’, and in many ways it’s because of some wonderful friends who benefitted from Healing House,” she explains. “They still talk about it, and it’s clear Healing House still holds a special place in their hearts.”

So when you’ve agreed to paint a martini glass in a way that reflects Healing House and all that its staff and volunteers has done for so many children who have lost loves ones, where does an artist start? “I’m an interpretive spiritual artist,” says Tammariello, “and I want someone to feel something when they see my work. I have a strong faith, and that really plays a part in a lot of my paintings. It just comes from within.”

A self-proclaimed nature-lover, Tammariello does a lot of landscape art and often goes outside to find peace and inspiration. So in the case of her Martinis glass, “I happen to be looking at a tree that was full of beautiful Japanese magnolia blossoms, and that’s when it struck me I needed to incorporate that into my painting.” Suddenly, nature sent her yet another sign. “As I’m painting the tree, a bird appeared, one that I thought would be nice to represent peace, and as I put all of that into the painting, I did so with the hope that all of the kids who come to Healing House can feel some sort of peace during their individual journeys.”

The colors of coral, pink and blue, with a bit of white to reflect ‘hope’, are there “…to make you feel good,” she adds.  “Good, cheerful colors.”

It all comes back to giving back, and to honoring a winning non-profit that so amazingly served some of her friends. “Healing House really helped them during a difficult time, and answered their prayers.  Healing House is just a great organization that’s really needed, and I’m honored to help them this year.”

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