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Twenty-Three LPSS High School Students Named to the LA Music Educators Association All-State Ensembles

Oct 17, 2019 08:30AM ● By News Desk

After multiple rounds of auditions, 23 high school students from Lafayette Parish School System (PLSS) have been selected to participate in Louisiana Music Educators Association’s (LMEA) All-State ensembles to take place from November 21-25, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

Outstanding high school musicians from around the state will gather for 3 days of rehearsals culminating in a concert at the LMEA’s Annual Professional Development Conference. Students were chosen from Lafayette High School, Ovey Comeaux High School, and Southside High School. There are six All-State ensembles: Symphonic Band, Concert Band, Mixed Choir, Women’s Chorale, Orchestra, and Jazz Ensemble. Students from Lafayette Parish were selected for the Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Concert Band, Mixed Choir, and Women’s Chorale.   

“We are very fortunate to have such talented and dedicated students who represent this school district in such a positive way.  They represent the best of the best,” said Scotty Walker, Lafayette High School Band Director.

Casetta Appoline- cello- Lafayette High School
Adam Ben Himida- trombone- Lafayette High School
Carley Handy- viola- Ovey Comeaux High School
Alphae LeBlanc- clarinet- Lafayette High School
Sam Martin- violin- Ovey Comeaux High School
James Melancon- French horn- Lafayette High School
Ethan P’Pool - percussion- Lafayette High School
Kora Shauveaux- percussion- Lafayette High School

Symphonic Band
Katie Anderson- bass clarinet- Lafayette High School
Hannah Bijeaux- bassoon- Ovey Comeaux High School
Brennan Stone- euphonium- Lafayette High School

Concert Band
Lily Espinoza- French horn- Lafayette High School
Darian Jacob- trumpet- Lafayette High School
Walker Lamkin- alto saxophone- Lafayette High School
Rikki Landry- clarinet- Lafayette High School
Abby Malbreaux- bass clarinet- Lafayette High School
Julia Montgomery- oboe- Lafayette High School
Elias Rashmawi- trombone- Southside High School
Joey Steff- French horn- Lafayette High School
Greyson Walden- trumpet- Lafayette High School

Mixed Choir
Timothy Sam- bass- Ovey Comeaux High School

Women’s Chorale
Addisyn Badeaux- Soprano 2- Ovey Comeaux High School

Scott Geiger, Comeaux High School Band Director, said, “All-State Band is a great opportunity for those students throughout the state of Louisiana to challenge themselves, with the end result being great ensembles with outstanding conductors. Through persistence and hard work, students go through two rounds of auditions in order to make the ensembles. Hannah Bijeaux worked diligently with her private instructor for this great accomplishment, and I couldn't be more proud of it. It's certainly something other students look up to and wish to accomplish in any program.”

"The LMEA All-State event was established in the late 1960s and remains the premiere all-state ensemble where musicianship and music education is validated by the student's ability to sight read music as part of the two-level, live audition process.  Our students demonstrated vocal skills and music reading skills and were selected as all-state choir members from over 400 peers statewide.  Congratulations for this notable achievement in vocal performing arts," said Fran Hebert, Director, Comeaux High School Choirs.

Dragos Filip, Strings Director of the Comeaux High School Performing Arts Academy, said, “The Spartan Strings at the Performing Arts Academy of OCHS are proud to be a part of this year’s All- State orchestra. It is a well-deserved recognition for the hard work and dedication of these fine young musicians.”