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Makeup Foundation Alternatives for Summer

Mar 02, 2024 12:29PM ● By Flint Zerangue, Sr.

Base makeup and foundation can feel dense and heavy when worn in the hot summer months. When the temperatures rise, it’s nice to have alternatives to foundation that will keep skin looking clear and translucent without appearing too overdone. Why not skip the base makeup this summer and give some of these alternatives to foundation a try? 

Makeup Foundation Alternatives: Tinted moisturizers 

Tinted moisturizers are a convenient way to add sheer color to the face without the hassles of applying foundation. The added tint gives the skin a healthy slow, while the moisturizer keeps it soft and dewy. When you wear a tinted moisturizer, you won’t need to wear cheek color during the day, although you may want to apply a little blush over the tinted moisturizer for evening wear. Most cosmetic lines offer tinted moisturizers, but it’s easy to make your own. Simply mix a small amount of liquid foundation with your regular moisturizer. For an even sheerer look, use mineral makeup to make your tinted moisturizer instead of liquid foundation. 

Makeup Foundation Alternatives: Mineral face powder Skip the foundation entirely and apply a layer of mineral face powder to keep your face looking sheer and natural while minimizing fine lines and imperfections. Mineral powders look and feel very light almost like you’re wearing no makeup, but will give your skin a flawless, translucent look. They also absorb oil to reduce facial shininess, a common problem in warm weather. Mineral face powder can be found at most cosmetic counters and drugstores at a reasonable price. Carry one with you to keep your skin looking flawless while you’re on the go. 

 Makeup Foundation Alternatives: Self-tanner

Some women spend hours in the sun baking their skin to a golden brown to avoid wearing makeup. A safer alternative is to use a self-tanner formulated specifically for the face. There are a variety of self-tanners on the market that will give the face a realistic, sun kissed glow without damaging the skin. The advantage to using this foundation alternative is that you only have to re-apply it every few days to keep the color and, if applied carefully, you can get very realistic color, like you’ve made a trip to the beach. 

Makeup Foundation Alternatives: Go natural 

Why not give your skin a break and go natural this summer? If you don’t feel comfortable without any makeup, add a little lip gloss and mascara and leave it at that. There’s something refreshing about a freshly scrubbed face that’s not weighed down with makeup. 

Whatever you do, apply your makeup with a lighter touch in the summer. It feels good to give your skin a chance to breathe.