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Why, Me? It’s a Question Difficult to Answer

Many of us go through life with our families, developing our careers and participating in activities that we find fulfilling and satisfying. Our lives become routine. Then tragedy strikes...

Pruning Can Create a Better Marriage

For a marriage to be healthy, one needs to sow int the positive things that will strengthen it, while at the same time pruning/removing elements in our lives that tend to be destructive...

A Better ME Makes A Better WE

In our day to day lives we like to feel that we are on top of things, a sense of control. We desire a “perfect” day, a day that goes as planned...

Communicating With Teenagers

Sometimes we as parents assume that the absence of problematic behavior means that everything is okay with the teen. I now understand the miscommunications and misunderstanding of teenagers.

Overindulged Children

The consequences of overindulging a child may include Over-dependency on the parent, Lack of concern for others, Self-centeredness, a feeling of entitlement, and ...

The Inner Voice of Emotional Pain

By owning up to our thoughts, feelings and actions, we become more in control.

Stuck in Hand-Me-Downs

There are many things that parents hand down to us, some good and some bad..

Healthy Reciprocity: The Foundation Of All Relationships

Reciprocity is a personal response to a perceived act of kindness or unkindness.


Healthy boundaries are important between couples, between friends and between children & family members. How we define ourselves is determined by the boundaries we set in our relationships.

Barriers to Intimacy - part 2

Recovering Intimacy in Your Relationship - Intimacy is a very important part of our human experience. It brings satisfaction, health, happiness, and sense of meaning to one’s life.