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Overindulged Children

The consequences of overindulging a child may include Over-dependency on the parent, Lack of concern for others, Self-centeredness, a feeling of entitlement, and ...

Let’s Talk Puberty, Shall We?

Whatever we, as parents, choose to call it —“the talk” or “the birds and the bees” — talking to your son or daughter about puberty can be challenging.

A Declaration of Leadership

Zhoriél Tapo, a first grade student at Plantation Elementary School, earned grand prize honors in a speech contest open to students nationwide and across Canada. Pictured with Anne Hermann.

Pokémon Go:

Newest Craze

Why Kids Need Protein and How Milk Can Help

With a tasty, easy to-do breakfast recipe!

Drive Away Distractions

Protect teens behind the wheel!!

“5 Simple Back to School Tips from Your Child’s Teacher: What They Want You to Know”

"Let’s Have a Relationship: It’s a new year! Let’s set goals for your child and assess them regularly, together!"

Back to School Routines for Kids

As the summer comes to an end, so does our relaxed summer schedules. Getting back into the routine of another school year is often a difficult transition for both parents and children.

Acadiana Dads Celebrate Father's Day!

Our readers and fans sent in photos celebrating Father's Day 2016!

Storm Action Plan

Hurricane season is officially here until November. You may have survived several seasons and know what to do in the event of a hurricane. But, your children may be clueless.