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Traditional Boat Building Documentary and Discussion

Writer and filmmaker C.E. Richard, Ph.D

Writer and filmmaker C.E. Richard, Ph.D, will present his short documentary, "In the Mind of the Maker," followed by a discussion of how traditional boat building in the Atchafalaya Basin can offer valuable insights into the human experience of memory, imagination and creative expression. Because Louisiana's old time boat builders used no blue prints or plans to construct their vessels, they provide an intriguing example of the brain's extraordinary capacity for complex visualization. For more than twenty years Richard has written books and produced documentary films for PBS that focused on topics related to his native French Louisiana. His latest book is a collection of personal essays about Louisiana's eroding coast. Richard is a research fellow at the Center for Louisiana Studies at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, where he was awarded the university's highest honor, the title of Distinguished Professor. This presentation of "In the Mind of the Maker" is free and open to adults. Seating may be limited.