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Prom Hair

May 04, 2016 01:55PM ● By News Desk
Simple Up-do
  1. Back comb your roots wherever you need height before smoothing a side swept ponytail in between the crown and nape of your neck.

  2. Grab small sections of hair and roll towards your scalp into a barrel curl, securing with a bob pin. Do this throughout the entire ponytail.

  3. Fan out the curls making sure there are no holes.

  4. Use a finishing spray to lock in the style.

For Long Hair

  1. Start with either a slight side part or a center part.

  2. Twist one side starting at the temple. Hold in place with a bob pin while you work on the other side.

  3. Cross the two sections of hair behind the head and secure with criss crossed bob pins.

  4. Place a decorative barrette right above the pins.

  5. Using a 1.5 inch barrel curling iron, curl your hair, two inch sections at a time.

  6. Hairspray the look in place.

  7. For a more piece-y look, separate the curls after spraying and hairspray again.

For Short Hair

  1. Curl hair in two inch sections using a curling wand.

  2. Run fingers through your hair for a messy look.

  3. Backcomb the crown for height and secure with bob pins.

  4. Pull up each side, crossing over the center, pinning each in place.

  5. Bangs can be pulled back or side swept.

  6. Finish off with a finishing spray.