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Cheeky Signs: Nice!

May 11, 2016 01:28PM ● By Press Release

Nice Nuts!

Oh boy!!! When I saw this one, I almost spilled my coffee I was laughing so hard... it says a mouth full without really saying anything at all. I love it and apparently, a lot of other people did too, because it was only up for about half a day. I guess they sold out?

Jones Flea Market

There’s something that intrigues me about small town America. It may be the slower pace of life or the simplicity of how things operate, I don’t know, but I love it. I was passing through Hornbeck Louisiana last month and ran across this sign in front of Jones Flea Market. Sheer Genius!!! These people have cornered the market on both Fuel Stations and Pet Stations AND, they managed to do it inside a Flea Market!  

Slower Traffic Keep Right

Ok, this sign isn’t funny or intriguing, but it triggers one of my biggest pet peeves. Why, because I like to drive fast. I’m safe and I don’t speed (especially around those damn speed vans), but it drives me crazy when I’m on the highway and some oblivious driver is driving well below the speed limit in the left lane keeping others from passing.  

Louisiana along with 10 other states post this sign for a very good reason. IT’S THE LAW! The Louisiana law states, “... slower traffic should keep right so that faster traffic can safely pass on the left…” SO MOVE OVER SLOW POKE!!!!  And stop texting while driving!

If you see a great sign, email a good picture of it to me along with a short explanation to [email protected] If we use it in the magazine, we’ll send you a FACE Magazine Bumper sticker.

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