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New Iberia: Smithsonian Magazine's Museum Day

The Bayou Teche Museum is pleased to announce our participation in the Smithsonian Magazine's Museum Day Live event again this year. On Saturday, September 22, 2018 anyone who presents a Museum Day Live!

Modern Dance In Acadiana

AN EXPLOSION OF EPIC PROPORTIONS: Jill Listi Dance Studio Wows the Judges in Orlando

New Research Links Refrigerator Staple to Teenage Height

Drinking real dairy milk is especially important for growing kids, and new research suggests regularly drinking more milk throughout childhood is associated with an increase in teenage height, according to a new study in “The Journal of Nutrition.”1

Lafayette Fire Department To Commemorate 9/11 17th Anniversary

The Public is invited to a 9/11 Memorial, Parc Sans Souci, Downtown Lafayette.9/11/2018...

How Much Do Your Kids Know About Money?

With consumer debt on the rise and many failing to adequately save for the future, experts say that financial illiteracy is a major problem for Americans...

THEN & NOW: Tracy Wirtz

“Then I left, walked out the door and through the KATC parking lot thinking, ‘This is the new chapter.’”

Keystone Nutrition CEO Dr. Jennifer Jackson

Returning to her roots & helping her community, Dr. Jennifer Jackson...

Woodvale Students Place at State Social Studies Fair

Four Woodvale fourth graders qualified for the State Social Studies Fair; each excelling in their field...

Pruning Can Create a Better Marriage

For a marriage to be healthy, one needs to sow int the positive things that will strengthen it, while at the same time pruning/removing elements in our lives that tend to be destructive...

Controlling the Purse Strings: Women’s Growing Power in the Marketplace

Women are overwhelmingly involved in how their household money is spent, whether it is as a joint decision-maker or sole decision-maker...