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Rainy Day Activities

May 11, 2016 11:32AM ● By News Desk

April showers may bring…a whole lot of stress. Boredom coupled with energy to burn may cause children to get cranky, fight and whine. Take advantage of the opportunity to bond with your children by having a list of rainy day activities to keep everyone busy—and happy. Here are suggestions to get started:

Focus on Food

  • Cook dinner together or allow the kids to cook dinner (under supervision of course).

  • Bake and decorate goodies.

  • Turn the living room into an indoor camp site. Let the kids build a fort while you prepare hot cocoa and s’mores on the stove.

  • Pop some popcorn and watch your favorite movie or TV series from your youth.

Stay Active

  • Put on some tunes and dance together.

  • Pull up yoga or workout videos on YouTube and do them together.

  • Play Don’t Let The Balloon Touch The Ground.

  • Learn to play your kid’s favorite video game.

Play Games

  • Play board games.
  • Teach your kids to play your favorite card games, such as Rummy or Crazy Eights.
  • Color or paint pictures with your little ones to hang on the fridge.
  • Tackle a puzzle together.
Purposeful Activities
  • Write letters or cards to out of town relatives.

  • Sort out clothes and toys no longer needed to donate to charity. Reward kids for helping by promising to get a new toy or outfit when the weather clears up.

  • Have a spa day using homemade spa treatments.

  • Take turns telling funny stories.

Rainy days will soon become something the whole family looks forward to as a nice break from the busy-ness of life. These are the days that your kids will remember and pass on to their children.