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Feb 20, 2017 08:52AM ● By Laurie James

Dale Carnegie said, “Throw yourself into some work you believe in with all your heart, live for it, die for it, and you will find happiness that you had thought could never be yours.”

Are you completely satisfied in all aspects of your workplace? Or have you been coasting for weeks, months, or even years living paycheck to paycheck in the hopes that something will change and you will get your big breakthrough moment? If you’re dissatisfied with where you are in your job, try rediscovering the “honeymoon phase” by getting re-engaged with your career.

With our uncertain economy, it is possible that you need help rekindling your flame … the flame of excitement that you felt when you first accepted your current job. Remember how enthused you were about waking up every morning with anticipation and wonderment? Remember wanting to do a great job so you could impress your employer and so that work would become easier?

That feeling is not far away! Here are some easy ways to get reunited with that FLAME:

F – Focus on your career. Don’t get distracted by volunteer activities that can literally eat up all of your free time—things that probably ignite more of your real passion, but that also take up vital time that you could be focusing toward your career. Keep your eye on the prize!

L – Learn something new about your career every month of this year. Go to a conference; read a book; talk to a colleague; find some outside way to re-engage with your profession! Red Lerille (owner of Red Lerille’s Health & Racquet Club) is the largest and most complete health club in the south. Did you know that Red changes something in the club every month? It could be trashcans through the facility or a new Olympic-size swimming pool! That’s one of the secrets to his business longevity and success. He consistently monitors his business to learn what improvements are needed and then makes the appropriate changes—every month!

A – Attitude determines altitude! This is not news, but it might have been lost along the way. Remember what it was like when you first got your current job? Remember how excited you were? There’s nothing better than new and fresh employees to give you a great attitude. Consider assisting with new employee training. The attitude you bring to the office will determine your future altitude.

M – Motivate others! Are you a Sorry Sally who brings everyone in your department down? Or do you bring everyone around you UP! When you motivate others, it gives a great sense of accomplishment and fulfillment—this is often a new and inspired feeling. Repeat daily!

E – Expect GREATNESS! We bring about what we think about, so expect greatness and you will be great at your career. Then the domino effect takes place and you will inspire others to greatness. Soon, your self-worth will rise and your paycheck will follow.

Here’s the bottom line: Love where you are! Bloom where you’ve been planted! Rest assured that your significant other and family will notice the marked difference and the spring in your step. Apply what The Beatles sang in that famous song, “All you need is love … dah dah dah dah dah!”

Laurie J. James is one of the only 16 Master Career Directors globally. She co-founded and presided over the Professional Resume Writing and Research Association from 2000-2004. PRWRA rebranded to Career Directors in 2005. Laurie has created 10,000+ job-winning resumes in her career. She is a credentialed resume & LinkedIn profile writer, seasoned public speaker and award-winning career image coach -

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