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The “Ta-Ta Towel” – Funny or Fashion?

Aug 15, 2017 04:40PM ● By News Desk

Say hello to the Ta-Ta Towel, the amazingly useful, awkward looking new weapon for the well-endowed woman. Invented by designer Erin Robertson, this innovative bra is a cross between a scarf and a bath towel and supports the breasts lightly and comfortably. Originally designed as a bra to fight breast heat and sweat, the Ta-Ta Towel has also gained huge popularity from women who are dealing with sensitive skin from breastfeeding or those undergoing radiation treatments.

Two years in the making, the product was recently introduced to the public at a women’s expo in California before being offered for sale online. The company sold out almost immediately. According to the company’s website (, “…due to high demand customers should allow 4-6 weeks for delivery” and “…customers should understand that their towels go around the neck, so if you get neck pain from wearing a halter-top or a bathing suit that goes around the neck this product may not be for you.” 

So is the Ta-Ta Towel the new Pet Rock of women’s clothing or the best new female garment since yoga pants? I’ll let you make that choice on your own…

Until next time my darlings!