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Aug 25, 2017 10:05AM ● By News Desk

Although storm tracking has improved vastly over the past few decades, mother-nature has show us time and time again that she has a mind of her own—so no matter how safe you think you are during a tropical storm or hurricane watch or warning—make it a point to do all that you can to keep you and your family safe.

The following safety tips can make a huge difference when preparing for a storm:

While Under A Storm Watch or Warning:

  • Leave low lying areas.
  • Protect windows with plywood boards, or storm shutters.
  • Secure outside objects.
  • Make sure you have plenty of fuel for your car and/or generator.
  • Have several days supply of food and water for each family member.
  • If called to evacuate, do so immediately. Know where you will go and make sure friends and family members know your plan.

Before The Storm:

  • Be ready to put your plan and preparation into action.
  • Pay attention to local weather reports on radio, television, or the internet.
  • Have house boarded up, or have storm shutters in place.
  • Have plenty of food and water.
  • Make sure all your tools, supplies, and first aid kit available for use.
  • Have a secure room available.

During The Storm:

  • Stay in Secure Room.
  • Stay away from windows.
  • Do not use the phone, or candles.
  • Monitor Weather and Civil Service Bulletins on either regular or NOAA radio.
  • Have supplies on hand.
  • Remain indoors when the eye moves over your area because the storm will resume shortly.

After The Storm:

  • Make sure all is clear outside, and the storm has completely passed before going out.
  • Report downed power lines, and stay away from them.
  • Use stored water and food.
  • Be patient. Things will take a while before they get back to normal.

For more information visit the National Hurricane Center’s website: