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3 Tips to help you reach your goals

Sep 19, 2017 07:04AM ● By News Desk

Ever had the best of intentions to finish some project or achieve a simple (but important) goal only to fall short for no apparent reason? If so, then next time, try these simple tips.

First: Start or re-start things on a Monday. Studies show that we’re more likely to commit ourselves to change – and to stick with it - if we have a chance to start with a clean slate – like on the first day of the year. And every Monday is the start of a new week – which means, we have 52 chances a year to tackle a new goal. That’s why studies show that Monday is the most popular day for starting diets and stopping smoking.

Next: Write up a game plan. It’s been proven that people with a game plan stick with their goals much more often than those who just wing it. Because “wanting” to lose weight leads to procrastination, for example…While making concrete plans about how to lose the weight leads to success. So, put on your calendar “Eat fruit or vegetables at every meal today.” Or, “Thursday is Spin class.” Studies show that when things are written on our calendar, we’re more likely to do them.   

Finally: Don’t come up with a Plan B “just in case. In several recent studies, people who were told to come up with a Plan B were much less likely to reach their main objective. Because having a backup plan somehow makes failure feel more acceptable.