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Women In Business: Nicky Stansbury

Sep 22, 2017 04:25PM ● By News Desk

Nicky Stansbury

Nicky Stansbury teaches the secrets to prioritizing your life so that feelings of guilt, being overwhelmed, and stress are a thing of the past.

While in her mid-thirties, Nicky finally decided to visit a local walk-in clinic after being sick with high fever for more than a week. As she sat there stressing about the amount of work and obligations she would have to catch up on, she unexpectedly found herself being attached to an EKG machine due to an alarmingly high heart rate. The doctor explained this was most likely due to excessive stress and suggested a prescription for general anxiety. That’s when Nicky decided to draw a line in the sand and change her life.

Today, Nicky is a stress management life coach and author, her mission is to help others dealing with the same issues she once did. If that is you, your time is now... get in touch with her before letting it get to EKG status!  

121 North State Street

Downtown Abbeville