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#IntentionalPositivity: You Conduit!

Feb 19, 2018 10:43AM ● By Laurie James

Lately, I’ve been making friends with my heater, something I’ve grown accustomed to during the cold and wet days of south Louisiana winters. One day, I turned on our beautiful fireplace and enjoyed the glowing embers for a few moments. I moved over to the couch and snuggled under my blanket.

About 30 minutes later, my husband came rushing into the room asking why the house smelled like gas!! Yep, I had forgotten to open the flue and our home was filling with carbon monoxide!! YIKES!!

In our daily lives, we can do everything right but somehow forget to open our own flue … our hearts!! Clearing the heart path lets us become vessels for ideas, blessings, good deeds, and other necessary life-experiences!! Be a CONDUIT … You can do it!!

C Concentrate on opportunities that can positively help you and others. We never know what this will look like, so focus on being open to new opportunities. With a new year, there are always fresh ways to be great!!

O Own who you are. We were all given a finite number of skills to use. Find your niche and embrace it!! While your personal brand may not sound exciting to you, it may be a service or skill that others need. The best way to get positive results is to take ownership of your skills and then share them in your career and life.

N Navigate difficult waters carefully. Sometimes we tend to lack self-worth and start to believe the negative things that others send our way. Get on your personal road to self-discovery and embrace those things that make you unique. Be armed with strength to navigate the difficulties that come your way … and they will always come. That’s the circle of life.

D Develop a career bucket list. Unlock your own potential by trying new things. If money were not an issue, what type of career would you choose? When you start embracing your personal desires and interests, the career blessings will come your way. If you are already in your perfect career, assess if you’re doing the best that you can to help yourself and others. If not, unlock different ways of doing what you were meant to do.

U Use every contact you have to be a vessel for other people. Social media alone could keep you busy with a task list of “to do’s” for at least an hour a day. Send out birthday messages through Facebook and LinkedIn. You will make someone’s day and (possibly) help them think of ways to bless you!!

I Intuition is a powerful thing. Embrace it, and you will learn to instinctively tell the best decisions from the bad ones. Be still and listen to your gut, your heart, your secret desires. You’ll be surprised at how painless this process can be.

T Treat yourself and others to something special – every day! The positivity that you will experience can have a great impact on us all! You will be rewarded for a great days’ work … and you will sleep beautifully knowing that you treated yourself as beautifully as you are.

Open your personal flue!! Listen and act positively!! You will rapidly become the conduit that blesses everyone.

 Laurie J. James is one of 18 Master Career Directors globally. She co-founded and presided over the Professional Résumé Writing & Research Association from 2000-2004. PRWRA rebranded to Career Directors in 2005. Laurie has created 10,000+ job-winning résumés in her 30-year career. She is a credentialed résumé and LinkedIn profile writer, seasoned public speaker and award-winning career image coach. 

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