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Mar 14, 2018 02:57PM ● By Scott Brazda

“In your FACE Magazine cover story back in December 2015, you said, ‘There’s nothing special about me.’ You still think that?”

Emily Foreman Babineaux pauses after hearing my question, then looks away for just a second. “Yeah,” she answers. “Just a mom, working. Trying to raise my kids as best I can,” She laughs. “And I’m still boring, too!”

If ‘boring’ means: successful real estate agent, community-minded citizen and parent of an ever-growing wonderful family, then my guess is most of us will take ‘boring’ just about any day of the week.  

“We’ve had another child—our third, a daughter—and she’s now one.” That means Emily and her husband, Charlie, are now outnumbered at home and have had to step up their parenting games.

“I find that with three children, we’re no longer in ‘man-to-man’ defense, we’re in zone,” she says with a smile.

And the opposition, so to speak, has ever-developing personalities. “Evangeline is our first-born, and she remembers everything; Deano, our son, is kind-hearted but I have to watch him a bit (he’s a little ‘canaille’); and Ebby, who’s one, is so sweet and she just loves to rest her head and cuddle.” There is nothing but smiles as she talks about her children, although she is quick to add, “I now have three car seats and there’s no more room! We are complete!”

Even with her trio of children on board, Babineaux continues to have a passion for making a difference. “I love being a part of the Junior League of Lafayette, where we re-evaluate the needs of our community and find a niche, a place where we can make a difference with our many volunteers.” Most recently the raffle chairwoman for Tinsel & Treasures, Babineaux, however, now finds that her available “free” time is being redirected.  

“I think that’s why I’m not on as many service boards right now,” she relates. “I mean, I want to do good things in our community, but I want to give it 100 percent, too, so I’m trying to limit my time so I can be fully committed to something.” And that something comes in the shape of Evangeline, 6; Deano, 4; and Ebby, 1. “At this stage in life, I find myself getting more hands-on at the kids schools. I’m on the St. Mary’s board, I’m on some boards at Fatima, just to help out.”

Now there is a little time for fun; in fact, it allows Emily to mix being a supportive wife with enjoying something that is pure south Louisiana. “My husband, Charlie, has gotten much busier; in fact, he was recently the captain at Mardi Gras in the Krewe of Bonaparte, so I want to make sure I’m there for him, too. It’s all fun stuff, it’s all good; but I don’t want to spread myself too thin.”

Still, the 36-year-old Babineaux remains one of Acadiana’s most-respected real estate agents, and the work - while not at the furious pace it once was - remains steady.

“Even with the economy, there’s always a need; someone’s either moving out of town, or someone has a growing family or someone’s downsizing,” she explains. A big key to her continuing success has been the power of relationships. “I’m lucky enough that there are always friends and family that come to me or send friends to me. Even if I’m meeting someone new, it’s through a referral, it’s through connections.”

The real estate game in Lafayette, or, at least in Emily Foreman Babineaux’s corner, has experienced a bit of a change in the last couple years: Her father, Randy Foreman, left the hustle and bustle of formal wear and become an agent as well. “Selling Mary Ellen’s was rather bittersweet - he had worked there since he was 19 - but he was on his feet all day and as he entered his mid-60s, I think dad wanted more family time. Plus, his gift is with people, and he’s amazing at making connections.”

So, what now? Down what paths does Emily see herself going? “Well, I’m definitely in my lifetime career and I hope I can keep helping people,” she says. “I want to watch my kids grow and thrive, just be there for them.”

And? “I just want to do some good whenever I can.”