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#IntentionalPositivity: How’s Your Adaptability?

May 07, 2018 11:56AM ● By Laurie James

It’s VERY difficult to communicate effectively these days. Technology is so weaved into our very fiber … it’s the way we engage with others at work, at home, and in leisure time. It can feel like a trapeze act without a net to effectively navigate activities that link our lives together.

In other words, if you’re trying to communicate with your 15-year old teenager, you’ll approach that conversation one way (text or cell which will hopefully lead to an actual conversation). By contrast, if you’re reaching out to your 80-year old grandmother, chances are you’ll need to call her by phone to set up an appropriate time to visit. Those of us between 15 and 80 years old require some variation of the same – text, email, social media messenger, FaceTime, Skype, phone call, snail mail, or in person. Nevertheless, it’s a challenge!!

Whether you have an iPhone, or Android; an iPad or Tablet; a laptop or desktop computer, you will communicate differently based on the platform from which you start. That being said, it’s as important to know what type of device your target audience has so you can format and send accordingly.

The key to successful communication is learning to ADAPT!!

A – Actively think about how your message will be received. Knowing your audience will help you effectively engage your audience. If your brother responds quicker to texts than to emails, by all means – TEXT him!! Follow up w/an email or phone call … and be sure to leave a message!! You’ll get a quicker response, and the ball will be in his court to answer. Do the same for anyone else in your world.

D – Do things differently and be committed about it!! Sometimes, a post on Facebook will get noticed if the moon is right and all of the stars are aligned!! However, contacting people individually might take longer but will definitely yield greater personal results!!

A – Accept that what you send out into the universe might be misunderstood!! Be cautious about how you communicate your message so that there will be less chance of a misunderstanding!! Doing your best means being thorough in your process!!

P – Plan extra time in your schedule for planning!! Basically, you’ll need to factor in lag time in a confirmed email, text, or phone message. That being said, just start earlier or push back your deadline!!

T – Try multiple ways of communication, if you don’t succeed at first. Send an email. Then send a text telling the other to check their email. Then leave an articulate voice message to offer clarification.

Communication IS complicated these days!! Using some of the steps outlined above should help you keep adaptable to yield more productive results!!

Laurie J. James is one of the only 12 Master Career Directors globally. She co-founded and presided over the Professional Resume Writing and Research Association from 2000-2004. PRWRA rebranded to Career Directors in 2005. Laurie has created 10,000+ job-winning resumes in her career. She is a credentialed resume & LinkedIn profile writer, seasoned public speaker and award-winning career image coach. Visit her at