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#IntentionalPositivity: Treat Yourself !

Halloween is near, and the temptation of candy displays in grocery stores and in social media can cause unnecessary stress on us all...

Get the LEAD Out! #IntentionalPositivity

Fall is near, and the familiar smell of #2 lead pencils is in the air – a clear indication that our munchkins are back in full swing of their educational pursuits. The long list of school supplies has been carefully checked twice.

#IntentionalPositivity: BOOM Baby BOOM

Baby Boomers (BBs) were born between approximately 1946 and 1964... You come from a sturdy demographic, known for being hard working and motivated by position, perks & prestige. You have a reputation for being a workaholic, independent and self-reliant. Goals are no stranger to you, because you’re generally quite competitive!

Update Your References - Resume'

May is update your references month. Remember to ask!

Weathering The Storm: Career

No matter where you are in your career—even if you’re out of work and desperately looking... There are proactive ways to keep moving forward with ease and confidence.


#IntentionalPositivity - Have you ever dreamed about opening a business? Maybe you’ve dreamed of being a virtual bookkeeper, or a mobile notary, or the owner of your own paint franchise!

Keep It Simple Sweetie

Quick ways for women to manage their time.