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How To Plan A Road Trip With Kids

May 25, 2018 08:18AM ● By Staff Writer

Road trips can be a great way to cheaply travel and take in some sights along the way. Despite all the benefits, there are many stress factors that may make the trip seem not worth it. If you're traveling with kids, there are strategies you'll need to implement to make sure your travels go smoothly and relatively stress free.

Pre-Trip Brainstorming

You know your children better than anybody else, so it is up to you to decide what will ultimately keep them occupied for as long as possible. Road trips are opportunities to allow extended privileges that typically are limited. If you normally only allow an hour of video games per day, then they will be fascinated with three consecutive hours of playtime. Try surprising younger kids with new toys, books, and activities.

Be Sure to Prepare

Adequate preparation is crucial to achieving road-trip success. Before the trip, give your car a good cleaning to provide a relaxing environment. Gather all supplies in well-organized bags or boxes to reduce clutter and make items easier to find. Bring along something to engage multiple senses: tasty snacks, upbeat music, air fresheners, pretty pillows, and blankets.

Execute Your Plan

As you embark on your trip, be sure to monitor your stress levels. Bring along books or music that will help to keep you calm and preserve your patience. Schedule frequent breaks along the way to stretch, get fresh air, and use the restroom. If your children are old enough, print out special road trip maps for them so they can monitor the progress city by city. Be prepared to squash arguments as soon as they pop up; too many miles of listening to bickering will ruin the road trip for everybody.

Whether you're planning to take a quick road trip or drive cross-country, these tips will be sure to help you effortlessly keep the peace. Careful planning, thorough preparation, and moderate adherence to your schedule are essential weapons to carry in your road trip survival arsenal. Congratulations! You're well on the way to planning a road trip the entire family will enjoy.