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Valerie Gotch Garrett: Serving Acadiana for 24 years

With her own law practice (Valerie Gotch Garrett, APLC), community involvement, and vibrant family life, it is hard to imagine being able to balance it all with a smile, but Valerie does.


Emily Foreman Babineaux remains one of Acadiana's most-respected real estate agents, and the work - while not at the furious pace it once was - remains steady.

How Many Adventures Can You Have in One Day?

Family Adventure Day is a day designed for families to spend together doing unique activities you just can’t do on any ordinary Saturday...

Overindulged Children

The consequences of overindulging a child may include Over-dependency on the parent, Lack of concern for others, Self-centeredness, a feeling of entitlement, and ...

#IntentionalPositivity: You Conduit!

Clearing the heart path lets us become vessels for ideas, blessings, good deeds, and other necessary life-experiences!! Be a CONDUIT … You can do it!!

Sylvia McLain: Work Hard & Play Hard

Realtor® and real estate developer Sylvia McLain has seen Lafayette grow immensely since her elementary school days of riding horses through her neighbors’ yards on Beadle Road...

Women in Business: Amber Kennisher

Amber Kennisher is the owner and licensed massage therapist at Unravel Massage Therapy.


Lafayette is a place I’ve called home for 35 years, a place where I’ve laid down roots and a place where I’ve been given many opportunities to grow and reach for the stars...

Women in Business: Statia Provost

Since May of 1989, starting off as a booth agent as Sears, Statia Provost has dedicated the last 29 years to serving her clients across Lafayette.

Women in Business: Suzanne D'Ambrosio

Suzanne D'Ambrosio, a Residential Real Estate Agent with Van Eaton & Romero, says she feels blessed to work for the Lafayette-based company.